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The following questions are the most frequently asked.

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1. What is a shared kitchen?

This location operates as a shared kitchen environment, which means you'll likely be working in the space with another owner operator, chef, franchisee, caterer, etc. The space is large enough to accommodate up to 4 operators comfortably.

2. How large is the commercial kitchen space?

The kitchen sits at around 2,100 square feet. The building also comes with a dinning & event space in the front for small gatherings. The space also has two walk in coolers, and a lot of dry storage space.

3. Is there free parking?

Yes, the location comes with tons of free parking. Park at the front entrance or back entrance as you see fit.

4. Is there enough prep space for my business?

We actively have delivery only franchisees operate out of the space, they need to produce and prepare a large quantity of products for shipping and delivery on a weekly basis. With over 300 meals leaving the doors in the morning, only half of the prep space ever gets used. There is more than enough space for you to prep whatever you can imagine.

5. Can I store my ingredients, or do I need to bring them?

Depending on the package you pick for using the space, you'll be able to leverage both the cold and dry storage within the building to store ingredients and products during the month(s) you operate in the space.

6. Can we bring staff with us inside the space?

Absolutely, consider this space your home base. You and your team can operate together to ensure your business is running smoothly and the food always tastes great.

7. Can I run an event in the dinning space?

Yes, event packages are provided separately to the kitchen rentals, but you can run cooking classes, wine tasting events, networking get-togethers and more.

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