Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions of using a shared kitchen space between Canotek Kitchen (The company) and You (The user)


1.1 The company agrees to grant the User the right to use the existing and future Kitchen facility, equipment, tools, and kitchenware.
1.2 The Company shall provide the User with the access codes, cards, and keys of the Kitchen and the User shall never provide any of the foregoing to any third party and it is the sole responsibility of the User to limit the access using the said keys, codes or cards to maximum 1 person of her/his employee.
1.4 The User shall use the kitchen only for the purpose of providing food services to her/his clients.
1.5 Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be interpreted as the right of the User to prepare or provide any services to any third party as a representative, agent, employee of the Company.
1.6 The Company shall not by any means whatsoever be liable or responsible for any of the food or services provided by the User to her/his customers, and the User declares that Company is not part of any past, current or future obligations with any third party unless otherwise agreed in writing by the company.
1.7 The User access to the Kitchen does not include the use of any food supplies available in the Kitchen that is used by the Company or any other users.

2 - Kitchen Equipment Safety and Sanitation

2.1 The User hereby agrees to exert her/his utmost and due care to ensure the proper use of all the used equipment in the Kitchen, and the User shall with no delay inform the Company about any malfunction, destruction or any other event that could partially or entirely affect or prevent the use of any or all of the Kitchen equipment.
2.2 The User is responsible before leaving the Kitchen every day that the Kitchen, equipment, floors, walls, food ware and any other used tools clean and sanitized as per the applicable laws and regulations in this respect.
2.3 The User shall turn off all the used lights, stove and that no other equipment is still on and running before leaving the Kitchen. Also, the User shall ensure that there are no water taps is running and that there is no blockage in the sewage system and shall immediately inform the company.

3 - Kitchen Equipment Safety and Sanitation

3.1 The User shall provide the Company before the first date of operation with insurance policy.

4 - Kitchen Equipment Safety and Sanitation

4.1 The User hereby declares that she/he obtained all the necessary legal and regulatory licenses and that the operation of the business and the use of the Kitchen will not construe any breach of any legal or contractual obligations by any means whatsoever.
4.2 The User hereby declared that the Company is not responsible for any current or future breach of any applicable legal or contractual obligation related to the User operating of business and the User agree that an injunction or other like remedy shall be the only effective method to protect the Company’s rights and property as set out and that an interim injunction may be granted immediately on the commencement of any suit.

5 - Payments

5.1 A full payment must be made before the use of the kitchen.

6 - Cancelation

6.1 The reservation can be cancelled 24 hours before the booking time for a full refund otherwise no refund if less than 24 hours.

7 - Personal Use of Premises

7.1 The Premises shall not be used or permitted to be used for residential, lodging or sleeping purposes or for the storage of personal effects or property not required for business purposes.

8 - Bicycles, Animals

8.1 The User shall not bring any animals, save and except for service animals, and shall not permit bicycles or other vehicles inside or outside of the Premises except in areas designated from time to time by the Sublettor for such purposes.

9 - Smoking

9.1 The User hereby declared smoking is prohibited on the Premises including vaping.

10 - Nut Free

10.1 The User hereby declared the use of any tree nut or products contain tree nut at any form whatsoever is prohibited in the Premises.

11 - Waiver

11.1 The waiver by either party of any breach or violation of any provision of this agreement shall not operate or be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or violation.

12 - Notices

12.1 Both Parties agree that any notice, communication or consent shall be valid only in writing.
12.2 Both Parties agree to consider the e-mail as a valid written instrument in case of urgency or emergency.