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Browse through our various services provided in our space, utilize state of the art kitchen equipment for your business, class or catering event.


Multiple Spaces. Multiple Uses.

With over 2,000 square feet of functional space, leverage every inch to improving your day-to-day operations. Cook & ship out food, host cooking classes, serve customers, and plan for long term growth.

Building Layout

Retail & Takeout Space

Baking Space

Cooking Stations

Cold Storage

Dry Storage

Cold Storage

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What Do You Get?

A full service kitchen optimized for multiple operators means there's something for every restaurant type.

All Day Access

Work when you need to. You can book time to use the kitchen any time of the day or night. We won't stop you from accomplishing what needs to get done.

Cooking Space

Dedicated cooking space with multi-purpose equipment allow you to focus on what you love. Cooking the best damn food in town.

Prep Space

The kitchen comes with a huge amount of prep space across nearly 200 square feet worth of stainless steel tables.

Baking Space

Kitchens can get very messy, especially with multiple owner operators using it. We have a dedicated space for individuals to clean any and all tools.

Dry Storage

The entire space is filled with dry storage shelving units to store your ingredients, equipment, packaging and more.

Cold Storage

Leverage a huge walk-in refrigerator and freezer for both short and long term storage solutions for your ingredients.

Oven Wall

Multiple operators means you can enjoy the benefit of a kitchen designed for capacity production. Including a wall of ovens.

Security System

Operate in a space with 24/7 surveillance and security, work comfortably knowing your investment, equipment and inventory is secured.

No Hidden Fees

You pay for what you use, no hidden costs or expenses at the end of each month.



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5370 Canotek Road, Ottawa, Ontario

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